Hi – I’m Petra Quilitz, a hands-on UX designer specialised in digital transformation and optimisation of complex interfaces in e-commerce, insurance, finance, automotive and other high-traffic, revenue-sensitive platforms with multiple touchpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop, watch, tv) I'm based in Munich, the digital capital of Germany.

I work with agencies and businesses from all over the world to develop UX UX concepts for features, processes or entire relaunches that  increase margins and profits, save time, further partner relations and heighten brand value. I assist throughout the entire development cycle from strategic digital transformation consultation and initial hypothesis - to MVP rapid or high fidelity prototype - to final digital designs and production.
  • I solve user problems with simple, functional solutions
  • I create or optimise usage scenarios, UX concepts, process flows and interface systems
  • I develop information architecture and content strategies
  • I gain user insight with qualitative interviews and testing
  • and I serve as the connecting force between client and development team
  • The end results are saved time for everyone, increased brand acceptance and brand value, increased margins and profits and better partner relations
My specialisation are complex marketing user journeys where many backend systems interplay and influence what is shown to whom, when and in what way within a multi-touchpoint purchase process. I'm driven by the desire to create meaningful and delightful experiences that enrich people's lives.


"Petra hat uns im Bereich User Experience bei einem großen Website-Relaunch Projekt unterstützt. Dank ihrer sehr schnellen Auffassungsgabe und der zielgerichteten Arbeitsweise, wurde in kurzer Zeit ein umfassendes UX-Konzept erstellt, welches die einzelnen Schritt der User Journey exakt abbildet.”
Stefan Friedrich, Account DirectorBig Sun > Düsseldorf
"Many thanks for your great support and structured work. You aliged us faster then anyone else to be on spot and finding our own position and coporate character. You never gave up and brought China, US and Germany thinking together. Thanks for making this happen."
Nico Michler, CEOdesignaffairs > Munich, part of Accenture Industry X.0
"Ever since I came to know Petra, I was stunned by her uber-maximum ability to bare high workload and her tremendous creative output. It's fascinating how she keeps up her humor even under low conditions which always has a huge positive impact on the whole team. Things seem to evolve and a good idea gets even better when Petra is with you. And I have have never seen someone as addicted to the whole idea of internet and the world of gimmicks as her. She's definitely someone you'd like to have around and work with"
Kevin Prösel, Managing DirectorSaint Elmo's > Berlin