Petra Quilitz is a Senior Digital Product Designer based in Munich. Petra creates multi-device interface experiences.

Petra works freelance for agencies that need to satisfy KPI driven digital strategy demands of their global product- and service clients. Petra was the lead product designer for Allianz at its headquarter in Munich during their biggest relaunch in history, a 200 Million EUR redesign of its global platform across all digital touch-points. Her creative concepts, processes, interaction work and design expertise enabled fast and effective design work and sign-off and ensured flawless functions for this highly anticipated launch. Petra was the lead product designer in an interdisciplinary core team stationed at BMW that finetuned BMW's main digital car configuration used throughout Europe for thousands of orders. Her designs, ideas and solutions resolved country-specific hurdles, saved cost and ensured compatibility within a highly complex car configuration ecosystem. Petra is currently the lead digital product designer on a project for a global luxury bathroom and kitchen brand where she creates a Sitecore module design for a major SEO optimised relaunch. Petra has over 15 years experience creating user experiences for digital products. While she has created experience design for many different businesses, her specialised expertise lies in fashion and cosmetics e-commerce. Petra loves trying out new gadgets and new wordpress themes, she plays Bach on the piano and approaches all projects with curiosity and wholehearted commitment.

Creative & functional UX solutions that seamlessly integrate into the brand and  bridge the creative gap between visual styling and technical feasibility. Site, page and module design that delivers an SEO and usability optimised, CMS-ready interface system ready for roll-out on all digital touch-points A sprint work style that meets all deadlines, consultancy on CEO eye-level, fluent business English and vast experience working in multinational teams
Over the course of 15+ years, Petra has worked for many global brands, such as Accenture, Telecom, Telefónica, BMW, Audi, Lufthansa, Puma, Hochtief, Siemens, Toshiba, Bacardi, Santander, Allianz, Fresenius, DER Reisen, Becks, thyssenkrupp, DHL, e.on, Pro7/Sat1, Canal+, Dunlop, Tommy Hilfiger, Scout24, and more. Petra has had the pleasure of assisting outstanding digital agencies, such as interone, accenture interactive, SinnerSchrader, Sapient/Razorfish, Fjord, aperto, Argonauten, Scholz & Friends, raysono, medienwerft, i-d media, interactive tools, hw design, and more.
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