When teams start to add Design Thinking, Lean Design or UX into their Sprints, most all identify one thing as being the hardest:

To keep up the endless cycle of “ideate-validate-optimize” (in Lean Design this is called “build-measure-learn”).

Just the idea is exhausting.

“Do we have to continue this cycle from now on for all eternity”. What if we miss a week? What if we make a mistake and have to start all over?

This is what I say:

UX victories and failures of the past are the past.

Tomorrow we turn a new UX page and the world goes on.

You can celebrate or mourn a lost week, a lost opportunity to user test, a lost opportunity to optimize a feature, but tomorrow we start again all new. We’ll come up with new, even greater User Journey ideas and we’ll keep testing them as best as we can.

It’s okay to learn from the past, but we should not hang on to either yesterday’s solutions nor yesterday’s problems.

Tomorrow is a new UX day.

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

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