Papyronaut is a blog dedicated to notebooks. In the Papyronaut cockpit is me, Petra, digital product designer with a dangerously insatiable need for notebooks, who, if asked, would say that notebooks scratch the itch and generally make life on Earth bearable. Information for nerds: The word Papyronaut is a combination of Paper and Astronaut ("in papyro" is a Latin term for experiments or studies carried out only on paper) Paper is a vehicle to travel and explore the limitless space of the mind. People who put thoughts down on paper are our rocket men and women on duty. Somehow they are always at work and they sure are never to be found in influential places. They represent those human traits that define who we are (This last bit was stolen from the kitchen table scene of "The Incredibles"). They are hanging around at our last frontier and this blog is for them, and for me as one of that unfortunate, dutiful species. Papyronaut is an unfunded addiction project. Please help to keep it going by making your notebook purchases through this site. Thank you.  Greetings from the white space