Papyronaut rating
This notebook is an underdog compared to Field Notes and Moleskine. It is cheaper, has more features and the quality is better. If it had more storytelling it could easily become famous instead of remaining somewhat of an insider tip to journaling. The name screams for a creative concept wrapped around the sea, around traveling, adventure and discovery, around being the lonely outpost in a lighthouse at night, seeing things before anyone else does. What a metaphor this brand inspires,  naturally capturing the essence of the  journal-writing loner. But this is a German company and German's can't entertain, or tell stories. This brand will have to remain that well manufactured, aesthetic but uninspiring choice.
If you would ask them, they'd probably say, "But we have these nice product stills. That's inspiring". Inspiration begins where decorative, trendy photo setups end. The brand or series has no metaphors, wordplays or storytelling ideas, no creative forms and no humour. German, eben.
The paper quality is much higher than with most others, the bookmark bands are sown in, nut just glued, the feature list is impressive. If someone ever spots a manufacturing flaw, as recently a woman on Amazon with a ripped closure band, it is unusual. What is missing in the human department is there on the technical perfection level.
The notebook has everything one would want, except maybe glitter stickers. It impresses with features where others seem barebones. Two bookmarks, a back pocket, even a closing band in the color of the notebook. Strange how a notebook can have it all but still feel like there is something missing.
The notebook is so big that it has to be compared with regular Bullet Journals and in that aspect it wins due to the soft, light cover. A smart product with a great idea, which doesn't come across well enough.
Papyronaut score
The lack of attention to storytelling and inspiration makes the notebook stiff and cold in all its perfection. But quality and features are so high, they win back points with blunt effort.