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"I fell in love with Muji stuff back in the late ’90s, but the austere, utilitarian cleanliness they exuded was almost a little too nice, or something. I wanted my memo books to be a little dumber. Less precious. Just good paper and good type with human liner notes"
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"Original Kraft" was created in 2007 by Portland (Oregon) based Designer Aaron Draplin and turned into a worldwide business by Chicago (Illinois) based advertising firm Coudal Partners. People call "Original Kraft" notebooks "The Flagship", "The Original", "curiously addictive". It became famous through placement in GAP stores at the start of the retro wave in 2008. Now a worldwide success with a limited edition subscription service (rare editions sell for 300 $ on Ebay) The paper is comparable to Moleskine but doesn't come close to Clairfontaine, Rhodia or Tomoe River. A fountain pen won't work on it, if pulled out of bags often, the cover will come loose despite three staples, humid conditions make the paper soft. So what is it about these notebooks? It might have something to do that the smart and funny tone of voice somehow cures white (notebook) page phobia. It seems to tell us that nothing should be taken too seriously. No other notebook injects this kind of spiritual liberty. And then there is this sense of belonging, to a place in the mind, an idealised America, a fellowship of creative thinkers.
Actual field notes from a researcher in the remote Rio Tunquimayo in the Puno province in SE Peru surveying old-growth secondary forest to determine the impact of coffee cultivation on bird conservation. Apparently not using a Field Notes Brand notebook.
A Marine Corps officer candidate writes down notes during a small-unit leadership evaluation at Brown Field on Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., Feb. 18, 2016. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Patrick H. Owens. Not a Field Notes Brand notebook either. Can you or can you not make serious field notes with a Field Notes Brand notebook. And does it matter.
Papyronaut most liked feature
The writing on the inside cover
The sense of humour, and this idea of taking a serious government form and exposing the ridiculousness of it by bringing it into this context.
Or you could just make one of your own
But that wouldn't be the same.
The story of its creation
"Field Notes Brand: From Seed"Aaron Draplin talks about his inspiration for Field Notes. Video from Coudal Partners on Vimeo
About "Original Kraft"
Out-of-this-world reviews about Field Notes Brand notebooks in General
The original Field notes can be bought throughout the world in many stores where they are regularly stocked. The sets always contain 3 notebooks. I've found these versions currently in existence.
"Original Kraft"
Mixed Three Pack
Set of 3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
"Original Kraft"
Ruled Paper
Set of 3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
"Original Kraft"
Graph Paper
Set of 3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
"Original Kraft"
Plain Paper
Set of 3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
"Original Kraft"
Left-Handed (ruled)
Set of 3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
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Created by Field Notes Brand, named "Original Kraft"

•Apica•Delfonics•Field Notes Brand•Leuchtturm1917•Midori•Moleskine•Mossery•Navucko•Paperways•Postalco•Rhodia•Stalogy•The School of Life•Word.

•"School of thought"•"B6+ Paperback"
An empty notebook with forms in the flaps and 3 staples

•Blank Notebook•Journal/Diary•Calendar•Bullet Journal•Special form

•opens flat•fountain pen safe•detachable sheets•back pocket•numbered pages•table of content•1 bookmark ribbon•2 bookmark ribbons•bookmark sown in•narrower bookmark•enclosure rubber•decorative sticker•archive stickers
"Pocket" size (3½" × 5½, 89x140 cm)

•A7/Micro•B7/Passport•Pocket•A6•Personal•B6/Slim•B6•B6+•Classic Slim•Cahier•A5/Bullet Journal•B5/Composition•A4•Letter•A3

Page counts
•48 pages•64 pages•121 pages•123 pages•192 pages•200 pages•240 pages
Portrait format, side bound


•side bound•top bound•cloth binding•wire binding•thread binding•loose papers•2 staples•3 staples•mesh binding
Soft cover, available in 1 color (brown)

Cover types
•soft cover•hard cover

Graphed, ruled, plain, or mix pack with all 3, weight unknown, not fountain pen suited

Paper types
•blank/plain paper•lined/ruled paper•graph paper•dotted paper•special form

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