MVP Prototyping for feature extensions or new product or service concepts

I create “Wild West movie town” props that are a believable, clickable experience of the real thing.

They are usually linked key pages demonstrating the most important revenue enablers or cost optimisation concepts. This method is essential to identify if an app, site or feature concept has market potential. For prototypes I often create both the revenue concept and the UI visual design (creation of a new UI style or adaptation or extension of existing brand design) to create MVPs that allow realistic testing. 

In these blurry on purpose examples, the task was to create an overall app or site concept with new interactive feature or service ideas, new revenue enablers, new optimised information architecture and new page or module system. These prototypes consisted of linked key screens presented on a device. They answered all strategic UX questions on how a business model would generate or increase revenue whilst also giving a sense of the final visual aesthetic.

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