Sept - 6 - 2019
"Paperback (B6+)"
"Detached free self-determined light sneakers no ballast capturing moments gathering perspectives impressions inspirations questions discovering understanding new ideas new thoughts holding on"
Sept. 6, 2019, -- P.Q. --  Leuchtturm became famous when Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the bullet journal system chose a Leuchtturm 1917 as his preferred notebook and later they created a special Bullet Journal together. Is this what started the explosion of Leuchtturm notebooks? Leuchtturm1917 should shine a light on the murky water of its confusing notebooks. All those special sizes and colors and featues and combinations of features... And then you come across this soft covered yellow beacon , the "Paperback B6+" , a smaller, lighter, more flexible alternative to the bigger hard cover bullet journalwith its own paper size B6+. There is almost as much space on the page as regular bullet journals but it seems as if it could manage to capture more of the fleeting thoughts and highflying ideas without weighing them down in the usual notebook brick that makes notetaking a strain for the back muscles.
"Paperback (B6+)" size
The notebook is empty but has two printed pages. A finders notice page and a table of content.
Flip through
Under un-retouched kitchen-table conditions
Best feature: the bookmark bands
They are smaller than regular bands which makes them a lot more practical. Also they're beautiful.
Since this notebook is so new, I couldn't find any reviews on it. Here are general Leuchtturm1917 reviews.
Please let us (and by us I mean me) know what you think about this notebook. Or possibly share a link to a photo of a page from your preferred personal notebook. Thanks you.