Dornbracht UX/UI concept

Dornbracht premium bathroom and kitchen design have won numerous international awards and are a driving force for the trends of an entire industry. I had the opportunity to bring their success story online.

As UX Consultant for Big Sun I created a UX concept for the worldwide relaunch of the global Dornbracht site for 24 markets on 3 sites. My aim was to create a UX concept that would match the company’s high level of quality and craftsmanship, be appropriate to the brand design by Meiré and Meiré, as well as the text design by Wortsport, and would make full use of SEO to drive sales on the platform.

Step #1, Strategy

Social media, SEO landing page strategies and constantly changing flyout menus have eliminated the tree-shaped web architecture model with the homepage as main entrance. A customer journey now has multiple entry points into a site and trees are now streams.I created this multi-entry customer journey strategy to match Dornbracht’s 10 step sales pitch “”reach – leads – sales – fans”

Step #2, UX System

I created a template strategy that provided the right template for each stage of lead generation and made sure we had proper customer journey entries at all relevant points in the journey. Then I placed all pages the client had requested inside that grid. It then became possible to see which customer journey section had too many or too little pages, and also if the content fit to the requirements of the particular sales pitch stage. The template system would make sure that there were no pages without a clear function or purpose in the user journey.

Step #3, UI Design System / MVP

Because of my UI background, I can use existing CI elements and draw realistic-looking UI mockups while we are still in the wireframe stage. These Figma, XD or Sketch wireframes contain CI elements, real headlines, and real images whenever possible so that we can see what a page would look like when all modules come together. This is also vital to get a sense of the choreography sequence that enables the sales goal of that page really works.

Design System Detail

Dornbracht products are found in 3 ways: as individual items (e.g. a faucet), as part of a line (a faucet and particular handles) and through a thematic feature (e.g. touchless controls). I created a responsive module called “product tile” in light and dark color mode that would fit for each case with slightly alternative content structure.