e-on B2B iPad app concept

E.ON is one of the world’s largest private energy companies, focused on energy networks and customer solutions as the central building blocks of a new, sustainable energy world.

As Senior UX Designer for diva-e I was in charge for creating the concept of an e-on B2B iPad app enabling eon’s sales force to visualize product features on location with clients and to facilitating sales pitches.

iPad Concept & Architecture

I often experiment with more graspable ways to visualize complicated app structures and flows for teams or clients inexperienced with mobile and tabled structures and navigation. The isometric approach became a favorite with the client.

Data Flows

Charts like these usually end hours of process discussions where peope are not quite sure how somethign works. Creating data flow plans like this is have become one of my core project time and money savers.

Sales pitch architecture

Replacing binders with iPads requires a sales force to learn new processes and techniques. This chart visualizes the iPad-enabled steps in the news sales pitch.

UI design

UI scetches on how to visualising usage data to help end clients understand their energy bill.