Telefónica Data Management Strategy

Telefónica is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. At their headquarter in Madrid, I got the opportunity to participate in the personal media management strategies of the coming years for the European and South American market.

Through a long-term contract as UX Consultant with FJORD, Madrid, I had the opportunity to work with Telefónica I&D, the research and development company of the Telefónica Group at the corporate campus on user data management and usage models.

Backed by quantitative data on network usage I created a media usage study showing all factors that have a major impact on Telefónica’s future data usage business model.

Backed by quantitative data on network usage I created a media usage study showing all factors that have a major impact on Telefónica’s future data usage business model. But instead of burying the findings in a PPT, I created a series of infographic posters. (One of those moments where a design background comes in handy) The “infographic posters” became permanent fixtures in Telefónica campus team rooms and were presented during the yearly global meeting to all representatives from Europe and South America.


This study list our senses and relates them to our social circles For example private videochat is vital with the 10 loved ones and 20 closest friends, but not so much with outer circle contacts. A table shows what type of media you will likely use with what kind of person on what kind of day at what time.


A comparison of business models of the two types of major players in the digital media arena, Telcos and software companies. The poster compares their software solutions and lists strategy, methods, investments, and revenue.


A visual representation of Telefónica’s network usage strategy that up to this point had only partially been described in internal Powerpoints. The poster brings internal strategy and media usage development together and contrasts it with Google’s data and media feature approach.


The final poster showed the “red thread” of Telefónica’s data strategy, a unique combination of services and features that adapts to a more and more organic data ecosystem. I developed it by visualising and in parts completing high level strategic stakeholders vision.