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"Word." and  "Bradley Mountain", creators
3 notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
This beautiful pocket-sized Adventure Log Notebook is a collaboration product of:  "Word." a company from New Jersey, "Bradley Mountain" a company from San Diego and Vincent Avila, a designer from Philadelphia. Both sell it on their site for I believe the same price. The notebook has the same physical size and amount of pages as  "Field Notes" but offers an intriguing extra layer of storytelling. What I love about these notebooks besides the irresistible retro design is that they invite you to upgrade your life into a log-worthy collection of adventures. It is up to you to decide what daily encounters count as one, although I think most people use it to record travel happenings. I just wish the title wouldn't put the bar so high. I would 've preferred "The Spontaneous Adventure Log" or "The Adventure Moment Log". I've lived in 4 countries and traveled lots more but I don't think I've ever had a "real" adventure. But it could also be that I watch too many good movies that render my life "too normal" for adventure journaling. I might have to think about that for a moment.
There is a universe of memories of smells, textures, feelings and ideas that these notebooks evoke. A vision of a lifestyle where things and people matter. I love these notebooks for many reasons, but mostly for that instant potpourri of pure, idealistic emotion.
Notebooks with fixed layouts always run the risk of being too dogmatic or too "white page-y", giving too much or not enough guidance on what to write where. The Adventure Log has a compromising mix of both forms. Half a page for a table with the specs of an adventure, the other half for free writing. Still some have commented that the spaces provided are too small or too large for either content. I think that by giving the "who and where" as much weight as the "what",  the layout strikes a good balance. The insides of front and back add more beautifully nerdy information entry options.
The notebooks is currently made in two colors, black and yellow and comes in a set of 3. The inside pages are all identical in both color versions. Some have argued that 3 of the same kind are too much and would have preferred to buy just one, or a set of mixed layouts. But I guess this only becomes a problem if what excites you in a day doesn't fall into the "adventure" category (like in my case). If it does, they should fill up pretty quickly.
Set of 3 identical notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
Set of 3 identical notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
The notebooks have the same physical dimensions as Field Notes. which is sometimes called "Pocket Size". 3.5 by 5.5 inches. A bit smaller than A6.
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