"The Adventure Log"
We weren’t meant to spend our lives behind a desk. Hurry up, the world is waiting.
"Word." and  "Bradley Mountain", creators
Hello, my name is Petra and I made this notebook review. If something is missing or incorrect or if there's a problem, let me know.
Did this beautiful notebook pop out of a time warp from 1935? Three parties are responsible for this anomaly.  "Word." a company from New Jersey, "Bradley Mountain" a company from San Diego and Vincent Avila, a designer from Philadelphia. Both Word and Bradley Mountain sell the notebook on their site for I believe the same price. Potential buyers are most presumably people who are equally lost in an endless time warp loop from 1935. Or maybe they are just idealists who still believe honesty and craftsmanship can turn this planet around. Through another "strange anomaly", he notebook has the exact same physical size and amount of pages as  "Field Notes" but instead of the funny-serious copy in the flaps, this notebook is a bit more formal-serious with its storytelling. Well, the notebooks basically invite people to upgrade their life into a log-worthy collection of adventures. It is up to you to decide what daily encounters count as one I guess, although most people seem to use it to record travel happenings. The title puts the bar pretty high. What are adventures anyway? Why not "The Spontaneous Adventure Log" or "The Adventure Moment Log". Who ever has a "real" adventure? But then again, surviving another day on planet Earth with everything that can go wrong in modern civilisation, maybe that is in fact an adventure and worth recording.
There is a universe of memories of smells, textures, feelings and ideas that these notebooks evoke. A vision of a lifestyle where things and people matter. A different time and place. I love these notebooks for that pioneering idealism.
Notebooks with fixed layouts always run the risk of being too dogmatic or too "white page-y". It's always too many forms to fill out, or not enough to get you going. The Adventure Log has a compromising mix: half of a page is for filling in specs of an adventure like date or location, the other half is for free writing. Still some have commented that the spaces are too small or too large for either. I think that by giving the "who and where" as much weight as the "what",  the layout strikes a good balance.
The most resourceful, detailed and well written reviews for this notebook (all based on the yellow cover version for some reason)
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The notebooks is currently made in two colors, black and yellow and comes in a set of 3 (three black or three yellow). The inside pages are all identical in both Sets. Some have argued that 3 of the same kind are too much adventure recording space and would have preferred to buy just one notebook. Or possibly a set of mixed layouts. But I guess this only becomes a problem if your life is so incredibly boring you need forever to fill just one. And who cares anyway.
"The Adventure Log"
Set of 3 identical notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
"The Adventure Log"
Set of 3 identical notebooksPaper-bound8,89 x 13,97 cm3.5" x 5.5"48 pages each
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All nerdy notebook science facts you need when your paper addiction progresses beyond hope of recovery. In fact, you do need to help in perfecting this profile even more, if that is humanly possible. If you notice, anything, ANYTHING, please add a comment below or use the intercom.
Created by Word., part of the series "The Adventure Log"

•Apica•Delfonics•Field Notes Brand•Leuchtturm1917•Midori•Moleskine•Mossery•Navucko•Paperways•Postalco•Rhodia•Stalogy•The School of Life•Word.

•"School of thought"•"B6+ Paperback"
Pages are printed with forms to fill out

•Blank Notebook•Journal/Diary•Calendar•Bullet Journal•Special form

•opens flat•fountain pen safe•detachable sheets•back pocket•numbered pages•table of content•1 bookmark ribbon•2 bookmark ribbons•bookmark sown in•narrower bookmark•enclosure rubber•decorative sticker•archive stickers
Pocket size, the same size as Field Notes

•A7/Micro•B7/Passport•Pocket•A6•Personal•B6/Slim•B6•B6+•Classic Slim•Cahier•A5/Bullet Journal•B5/Composition•A4•Letter•A3

Page counts
•48 pages•64 pages•121 pages•123 pages•192 pages•200 pages•240 pages
Portrait format, side bound


•side bound•top bound•cloth binding•wire binding•thread binding•loose papers•2 staples•3 staples•mesh binding
Soft cover, available in 2 colors

Cover types
•soft cover•hard cover

Paper is printed with a form, not fountain pen friendly, no weight information

Paper types
•blank/plain paper•lined/ruled paper•graph paper•doted paper•special form

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