I assist product and service companies in the development of effective UX concepts in all project stages, from the analysis, brainstorm and sketch phase over the rapid high density prototype phase to production and market-ready phase.

SWOT Analyis, competitor analysis, digital market and revenue-enabler analysis, user behaviour studies, functional requirements analysis

In the initial stages of a project I assist with services that increase the core value of a product or service. Usually findings I present at this stage radically influence all subsequent work and provide a realistic basis for what can be achieved when. In this stage I often consult clients on digital transformation, digital branding, page- versus template-thinking, user behaviour, interaction pattersn and other aspects that enable a rapid and effective start into the project.
  • For BBVA I analysed market potential and customer needs for a private banking app projects (Freelance UX for FJORD, Madrid)
  • For Telefonica, I analysed the product and service approach of SaaS players and the resulting business chances and risks for the Telco industry (Full time UX for FJORD, Madrid)
  • For MDM I made a multisite ecosystem SWOT analysis in form of a sitemap that instantaneously showed all problem areas (Freelance for medienwerft, Hamburg)

Consultation and creative/strategic concepting for the digital transformation, restructurisation or optimisation of system, processes and routines

In the strategic concepting phase of a project I assist with services that highlight the most important tasks and show strategic areas on which to focus on for both quick wins as well as long term restructuring. In this phase I often propose important, sometimes radical improvements.
  • For Allianz I proposed a 3+4 e-commerce process which later became the flagship e-insurance routine for the 200 Million EUR relaunch (Freelance for SinnerSchrader, Munich)
  • For a WebTV startup I developed a strategic framework solution for the types of acces to the service via touchpoint, mouse, keyboard or remote (freelance for i-d media, Berlin)
  • For BMW I analysed its global backend digital manufacturing process as a basis for a variety of frontend restructuring projects (Freelance for interone, Munich)
  • For Telefonica, I proposed a solution for product and service wordings within a settop box interface project (Freelance for FJORD, Madrid)

E-commerce flows, sign-up, searching/tagging, data management, user profile handling

One of my core tasks is the creation, adaptation or improvement of digital processes such as sign-up, search or management of my personal user data and account settings, which can have a huge influence on the commercial success of a product or service. I create detailed concepts, feature ideas and functional concepts that makes these processes as intuitive as possible.
  • For Pro7 I created a search flow for use with free text entry, tags and categories (Freelance for hw-design, Munich)
  • For Quelle/Pro7 I created a sign-up flow that also showed all pages types (Full time for marchFIRST, Hamburg)
  • For Scout24 I created a sign-up flow including newletter registration (Freelance for i-d media, Berlin)

Wireframes, template systems, module and function concepts

One of the key areas of UX is how everything comes together on the page. I create page, state and viewport wireframes both static and in the form of a clickable rapid or high fidelity Adobe XD prototype that effectively shows how a proposed feature strategy or idea would manifest itself in the actual app or site. I then use this prototype for production documentation which vastly increases implementation speed and detail accuracy especially in projects with off-site development.
  • For a global luxury bathroom brand I created a functional Sitecore page, module and template system as well as a search result concept (Freelance for BigSun, Düsseldorf)
  • For DER Reisen I created a search, filtering and tagging concept (Freelance for raysono, München) that solved a business problem that particular hotels could not be properly found
  • For Digital+ I created a modular site and functional search concept for a large relaunch of the entire digital TV catalog
  • For Allianz, I created  e-commerce process wireframes that became the flagship solution for all digital insurance processes of the site

Sitempaps, Information Architecture, content structuring

The structural overviews I create enable teams to understand project and sprint scopes and plan detail work. This is particularly important in large scale projects that stretch over several months. Usually the structure, concept or feature Idea that is shown was developed by me.
  • For the German Telecom, I created a UX template and module system and showed it's application within a multisite ecosystem (Freelance for i-d media, Berlin)
  • For a settop box manufacturer I created a concept on how a user can organize different media types (Freelance for FJORD, Madrid)
  • For Becks, I created the first website sitemap (Full time for Scholz&Friends interactive, Hamburg)

UI visual design

If required or necessary to win a client or in cases when a black and white wireframe will not sell an idea, I create an initial visual design that demonstrates my concept. After project win or sign off a visual designer can then take over and rework, extend and produce the design. In cases where the visual design is highly functional, I can also step in and create produceable visual design in Adobe Xd or Wordpress.
  • For SIEMENS I created and improved an MRI UI (Freelance for designaffairs, Munich)
  • For Scoda, I created a Tour de France app concept, both conceptually and visually (Freelance for SinnerSchrader, Munich)
  • For VW, I created a TV app concept, both conceptually and visually (Freelance for i-d media, Berlin)

Documentation, styleguides, feature specifications

My speciality is the documentation of complex systems, processes and feature beaviours. The documentations I produce are often used as the single handbook for huge development teams for reference on everything related to the user experience and all visual assets. This task is still highly creative work because it involves understanding how all team members access vital project information and how to visually present it so that everyone finds what they are looking for fast and efficiently, preferably without reading.
  • For Allianz I created a "project bible" that became the main refrence handbook for a team of over 100 developers, designers and product managers (Freelance for Allianz, Munich)
  • For BMW I analysed a CMS system without current documentation and visually presented the do's and don'ts which made the system usable again for teams at interone and BMW development (Freelance for interone, Munich)
  • For the Telecom I developed a portal creative concept, information architecture and template system and documented it. The team would regularly gather around printouts of the documentation to discuss next project steps (Freelance for i-d media, Berlin)